Book Review – The Atlas of Us by Tracy Buchanan

My Review

I received a copy of The Atlas of Us in exchange for an honest review.

Louise flies to Thailand to find her mother a few days after a devastating tsunami hit the island.  Thailand is a mess of despair and death and with the help of the son of one of her mother’s friends she comes across a bag with a sort of journal/atlas of a writer named Claire Shreve.  She never remembers her mother mentioning the name and is baffled as to how the atlas came to be in her mother’s bag and where is her mother now??  As the search continues Louise, with the help of the atlas pieces together the story of Claire and her love of the man whom she loved beyond reason and the reason her mother came to be in Thailand on that fateful day.  This was one of the most tragic stories I’ve ever read, I was haunted by the images of the wreckage left in the wake of the tsumani and the lives ruined in that one tragic moment. The love affair between Claire and Milo was very parallel to the tragedy that love could sometimes bring to our lives and the rebuilding that must take place as life must go on.  Absolutely recommend.




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