Why did I start blogging?

As part of  the MyVoucherCodes (MVC) (http://www.myvouchercodes.co.uk/) / World Book Day campaign (http://worldbookday.com/) I’ve been asked by MVC to tell my story of why I started blogging about books.

I have always loved to read, ask my mother she would say the most frequent memories of me would be me walking with a book under my arm.  I was the child who read under the blankets with a flashlight, the child who never looked where they were going because my head was in a book (which resulted in me walking into walls and frequently tripping on my own feet).  I read everything I could put my hands on including the dictionary and the bible.  My earliest child author was Enid Blyton who allowed me to live in a world of fairies and goblins, Amelia Jane and the Saucepan Man.  I always attended Catholic schools as a child and each year there was an English Literature reading list of about ten books which I would devour during my summer  vacation, LOL.

This blog is the vice in my life, the only other loves that would surpass it is God and My Family.

Books teach me compassion, empathy and gratitude.  They teach me about life, take me away from my troubles and I endeavor to pass this love to my  children.  To give them insight and the ability to have other viewpoints and not to just follow humanity like sheep.

So far I can say I am somewhat successful at passing on this passion to them, I read to them when they were younger and now they are all admirable readers with a fantastic understanding of what they read and as such, are able to form their own opinions.




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