Guest Post Rue Toulouse‏

Betrayal – Is art imitating life?

When I was doing the outline for Rue Toulouse, I wanted there to be something similar in Caterine’s and Remi’s pasts that would initially keep them apart but eventually bring them together. Whether it’s someone you loved, a family member, a co-worker, or a friend, betrayal in leave deep wounds that for some are hard to overcome.

The question of whether this theme of betrayal was rooted in my own experience got me thinking about my past and, yes, I was betrayed in both love and friendship. I haven’t thought much about these events in years, but without fully realizing what I was doing, in both The Silver Crescent and Rue Toulouse, I made an aspect of romantic betrayal a key to the characters’ difficulties with relationships.

In Caterine’s case, she was orphaned at a young age and grew up in the household of her beloved grandmère, Miss Dauphine Doucette. For the devotion she received from her grandmère, she suffered years of envy and disdain from her female relatives. As an adult, still seen as “the favorite”, the animosity toward her grows. When she inherits the family business, the resentment boils over and she finds herself in actual physical danger.

Remi, at the time a New Orleans police detective, lost his heart to a beautiful local socialite while investigating a burglary. Too late he discovered he meant nothing more to her than a rich girl’s dalliance. Now he finds himself in the position of protecting Caterine, another member of New Orleans society. Can he forget the past and again trust in love?



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