Book Review – Shopaholic to the Stars by Sophie Kinsella

My Review

Becky and Luke have relocated to Los Angeles for Luke’s job and Becky is starstruck by the whole experience.  Becky’s imagination takes hold of her and before long she is dreaming of being the personal stylist the stars all dream to have on their side.  While Luke is putting out fires for Sage Seymour, who was his reason for moving to Los Angeles, Becky is trying to woo Sage with clothing options…  I have read just about every book in the Shopaholic series and this is the first time I can say that although Becky was as funny as usual this is the first time I really did not like her.  To me, that was a task that was not easy for the author to achieve, because although Becky was selfish in the past, it was somehow justified in her mind (and even mine sometimes), but this time she was just downright selfish – poor Luke!!  This book was yet another great instalment in the Shopaholic series :).

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