Book Review – Waking Up Joy by Tina Ann Forkner

My Review

Joy Talley is loved by just about everyone in their small town, where everyone knows everyone.  After a really strange accident that Joy survives her family all think that she botched a suicide attempt and that she’s nuts.  In spite of the fact that Joy somehow knows, what happened in her hospital room while she was in a coma, no one believes her, but Joy decides it’s time to put the past behind her and move on from all the pain that she’s been holding on to for at least a decade.  This was a somewhat sad and emotional story where the end was a bit of a surprise.  The personalities of some of Joy’s family members was a little strong and when secrets started to come into the open the support came from surprising places.  This is a story with a lot of courage to face the past, family members who seem to thing the know best and taking chances to get what you want.
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