Book Review – Wrong Place, Right Time by Brooke Williams

My Review

Kate Covington is in shock when her best friend Brian tells her that he is getting married, just as she was about to tell him she was in love with him.  Her whole world is shattered and she decides to fly to Las Vegas to stop him from making the most horrible mistake of his life and to help him to realize that he loved her.  She gets to the chapel and stops the wedding, the bride leaves in a huff and when the groom turns around, she realizes it’s not Brian – OOPS!  The groom, Chad, makes Kate an offer she could not refuse, especially since Brian is already married at this time, it would give her a chance for a new start.  Then everything changes when she finds out that Brian did not get married after all!  This was a great romance with a bit of a twist when Kate’s caught in the middle of a guy she thinks she loves and a guy she might be falling for.  Chad was a star, so much more to him that the wealth his mother was so occupied with and his mother?? what can I say, she was a piece of work!  This was a warm fuzzy romance and I really enjoyed this book.

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