Book Review – A Blind Spot for Boys by Justina Chen

My Review

Sixteen year old Shana is on a boy break after going through the greatest heartbreak of her life!  She needs to focus on her education and photography is the way to make her dreams come true, whatever those dreams may be…. Then one day she meets Quattro and she begins to second guess her decision where boys are concerned, but the crushing news comes to her family one day that her dad is going blind!  This was a very emotional book where family, and being there for each other meant so much to the characters in the book.  They were going through a very difficult time and this trip to Machu Picchu which has always been on her parents’ list of things to do, eventually brings out the best in each family member despite the challenges they knew they were about to face – a challenge that was beyond their control, but they needed each other more than ever before. The author painted such a vivid image in the book that I was actually led to do my own research of Machu Picchu – who knew such a place existed!  Quattro and his father having to deal with their own tragedy only shows how people even dealing with their own sadness can rise to the aid of others.  I really liked this book.


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