Book Review – When We Fall by Emily Liebert

My Review

I received a copy of When We Fall by Emily Liebert in exchange for an honest review.

More than a decade after her husband’s death, Allison moves back to her hometown with her son, having her family nearby is great and the change of pace from the hustle in New York City is welcomed.  She’s making new friends with some of the moms at her son, Logan’s new school and it seems that Allison and Charlotte with be good friends.  On the outside, Charlotte seems to have it all, a husband, a daughter, financial security means she never has to work, but inside she feels as if her life is falling apart.  Charlotte’s husband happens to be her deceased husband’s best friend and it all seems to be falling into place for Allison, even with the cute guy at the Bistro.  I found this book to be emotionally challenging to read, and their were characters that although I did empathize with their plight, how dense could you be??  I was sad for Allison but I thought she was irritatingly naïve, could she not as a friend see what it would have been like for her if the shoe was on the other foot?  I rooted for Charlotte in this book the most, I got her, and it seemed that almost everyone preyed on her insecurities, and she just wanted a friend who did not need or expect anything from her.  I liked this author ability to bring to the surface the emotions that surface when dealing with some of life’s tragedies, but also how animosity can surface when there is no balance in friendship and family.


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