Book Review – What Would Mary Berry Do? by Claire Sandy

Book Review

I received a copy of What Would Mary Berry Do? by Claire Sandy in exchange for an honest review.

Marie and her husband Robert are parents to a teenager and nine year old twins.  Marie can make a cake to save her life, while it seems that her neighbor Lucy seems to have a knack for creating any desert known to man.  Marie is determined to be a culinary genius and Mary Berry is her new friend, while her husband Robert’s career seems precarious her decides to bake up some treats to sweeten up his boss and maybe solidify his work situation.  Armed with Mary Berry as her accomplice Marie is sure to create many a culinary delight. As Lucy and Marie form a friendship some things come to life that Marie could not imagine and what seemed like perfection on the outside is seriously flawed.  This book was immensely funny and although it touched on some serious issues it maintained a balance that was really nice.  Relationships between family and friends blossomed and grew and the emotional support for the characters evolved when originally they felt they were alone.  Great book, great characters and real issues.

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