Book Review – Poppy Does Paris by Nicola Doherty

My Review

I received a copy of Poppy Does Paris by Nicola Doherty in exchange for an honest review.

Poppy has not had a boyfriend in a long time, but she finds her co-worker Charlie quite attractive, in a boyish, immature kind of way, definitely not her type. Their company sends them both to Paris to cut a deal with an author, whose book they’re hoping to promote, and that sets off a sequence of events they’re sure to never forget. This book was a very short, hilarious read, I read it in 1 hour before bed. Poppy is a great character trying to find her way through life and decides to shake things up a bit, but overlooks the obvious for what she thinks is a better choice.  Charlie was absolutely charming and honestly funny.  Maybe, Poppy realizes, she had a few misconceptions.

Connect with the Author

Twitter:  @nicoladoherty





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