Book Review – OMG Baby! by Emma Garcia

My Review

I received a copy of OMG Baby! by Emma Garcia in exchange for an honest review.

Max and Viv were best friends who became more than friends in Never Google Heartbreak whose relationship did not work through a series of mishaps.  Now they are back together in OMG Baby! with a totally different dilemma – Viv discovers she’s pregnant and they can barely look after themselves – how will they take care of a baby!  Then to make matters worse, Viv’s mother turns up and manipulates her way into staying with them and straining everyone’s nerves to breaking point.  What does she really want?  This book was so funny, I think my hubby thought I was losing it.  I spite of the frustration of Viv’s mom, who was seriously pathetic, I could not help but love this follow up to Never Google Heartbreak!  How could anyone not love Max, such a sweetheart and in spite of the mess ups who could not help but root for them.  Great characters, great follow up book.

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Twitter:  @EmzaGarcia


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