Book Review – The Vintage Summer Wedding by Jenny Oliver

My Review

I received a copy of The Vintage Summer Wedding by Jenny Oliver in exchange for an honest review.

Anna’s dream of being a world famous ballerina was shattered after she left the small town she grew up in and years later she finds herself returning to the place she swore she never would go back to.  This time around she’s engaged to Seb, and a wedding that was supposed to be the talk of  London is on hold, and nothing is working in her life the way she wanted.  Oh boy, reading about Anna in this story so frustrating, she was so self absorbed and she actually thought she had the right to be bitter about the situation that she and Seb were in, a situation which she made!  Seb’s patience was commendable to say the least, obviously even some adults need to grow up.  I like the connection of past and present with the characters, and how her perspective began to change once she started to let go of her dream and the bitterness that made her unable to relate to just about everyone in her life.  This story is where Anna finds that sometimes what you wish for, is not exactly what’s good for you.

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