Book Excerpt & Giveaway – Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda by Tara Lee Reed


From section 20…


When your server clears your plates, you feel a kernel of nervousness in your stomach. Your date, which has been decidedly good, is almost over. You could get dessert, but your kernel warns against it. Still, not really wanting your date to be over is a good thing. You take advantage of a quiet moment to slip away and strategize your next move. 

“I’m going to pop over to the ladies’ and spare us both the fake grab for my wallet when the check comes,” you tell Nick.

He nods. “And I’ll be ducking out the front door the moment you’re out of sight.”

“I expect as much.”

He stands when you do, very much a gentleman. You step into the busy foot traffic of the restaurant, gasping when Nick suddenly grabs your arms and pulls you to him. Behind you, a bus boy mumbles, “Coming through.” You are now face-to-face with Nick’s, you know, face.

You rule, bus boy!

Clear and present danger averted, Nick still holds your arms, a grin pulling at his lips. All you can do is stare dumbly.

“Saved your life,” he says, not letting go.

The kernel in your stomach gets warmer. “So you did. Do I have to kill someone for you now?”

“Nah. I’m not that old fashioned.”

“Too bad. I’ve got this monthly quota and there’s a co-worker I’ve been meaning to off. Two birds.”

Yep. He’s still holding on to you. He’s still gorgeous. Still has a mouth.  

His eyes narrow slightly. “But since you’re here, there is something you could help me with.”

The kernel tumbles like it’s in a tiny dryer. “Looking for a preferred rate on car insurance?”

He begins to shake his head and then stops. “Can you get me a preferred rate on car insurance?”


“In that case…”

You’re lucky he hasn’t released you because the moment your lips touch, he’s the only thing holding you up. Your fingers grip the material of his shirt and the kernel goes pop! For a soft kiss, it sure sucks the air out of your lungs. He pulls away after a moment, ensuring you’re safely upright before he lets go of you.

“Okay,” you say. You can’t remember why you’re standing. What do you do now? You should excuse yourself to bathroom to… Right.

“So, of course, feel free to say no,” he says. Yes! “But I live around the corner. We could go there. Have a drink. Talk some more…”

Kiss some more.  

Well, this answers your question as to what to do next. It’s early. You’re clearly hitting it off, and giving up an opportunity to keep looking at his kind of perfect face would be like leaving the Louvre before you…saw some super beautiful painting.

Of course, being alone with him could lead to being with him…


To avoid a roll in the hay, turn to section 328.

To roll the dice, turn to section 57.

Author Bio:

Tara Lee Reed is the accidental writer from Toronto, Canada, not that chick from Sharknado. When her career in public relations was forced into hiatus by a jerky plot twist, she wrote the first in a series of interactive novels. When she received offers of single and multi-book deals from top houses, she turned them down to publish independently. Because she’s crazy. She was voted Most Sarcastic Female at her high school prom, which she went to alone. (Not that she thinks about it.) She can fit her whole fist in her mouth (which makes the prom thing surprising), and she can sing with her mouth closed, but she can’t do both at the same time. Her tweets on The Bachelor have been aired in a live broadcast and picked up by national media. She once appeared on the cover of a romance novel with her longtime partner, who has done 79 more – with other women. She thinks that’s qualification enough to write this book.

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