Book Review – The Ice Cream Queen of Orchard Street by Susan Jane Gilman

My Review

Little Malka and her family arrives in America through some manipulation via her father.  But all the promises of milk and honey in America when are soon forgotten when the in the struggles and poverty the family thought they left behind in Russia followed them there.  Then it seems tragedy has swallowed the family members one by one. One day Malka is injured and out of guilt the ices peddler who caused her injury takes her to live with him and Malka’s future starts to take shape.  This story was so tragic, it shows the struggles that the immigrants who built this great country endured to make it what it is.  Obviously not everyone endured this suffering, but a great many did and through hard work some were successful.  Malka was one of them, but her success never brought her true peace because she never could let go of the past or knew what happened to her family.  This story is a very thought provoking and emotional one and should make those of us who are here now appreciate so much more what we have.  This is a story about family, love disappointment and so much more.  Awesome!

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