Book Review – Love and Other Foreign Words by Erin McCahan

My Review

I received a copy of Love and Other Foreign Words by Erin McCahan in exchange for an honest review.

Josie is a teenager with a very high IQ and although she has friends in both the high school and the college she attends she finds it very hard to communicate on some levels.  Her best friend Stu who is also her neighbor seems to be one of the only people who fully understands her, her sister Kate is also one of her best friends.  But when Kate brings home a fiancé that Josie can’t stand, then begins a battle of wits, with an unexpected ending.  This is a funny book with some normal teenage drama.  Josie thinks she is more different than “normal” teenagers, but differences only go so far.  I loved her “translations” depending on who she was talking to, always trying to understand where her peers and family were coming from and ultimately considering them all wrong, after all, she knows better.  This book is about all the different ways we love all the people in our lives.  Great light read.

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Twitter username:  ErinMcCahan

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